"Intuitive confidence" in your life and business

At "Luck is a Habit Training" we offer workshops aimed at improving performance. We uniquely combine intuition and confidence, as well as offering training in public speaking.

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1. Seminar

Our Seminar is an introduction to what we offer as well as an educational. We want to give you maximum value for your time. You will walk out with a new level of energy.

2. Workshop

Our workshop can take you to a whole new level, a permanent plateau of success which will carry you through the rest of your life. People seeking a new level such as entrepreneurs, businesspeople and those committed to personal development will find value here.

3. Confidence and Life Coaching

Ultimately it's all about the results. Everyone is unique and at a different level. With one-on-one consultations, we can formulate a plan to take you where you need to be, fast!

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How important is confidence, for being lucky?

It's become increasingly clear that luck is hard to make regular, without being confident!

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The Fear Program Override

We have distilled everything you need to regain supreme confidence into a simply mental trick to override what we call the 'fear program'

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Improvement is incremental... or sudden!

What we witnessed in a recent public speaking course changed everything we thought we knew about the mind!

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Hi! My name is Charles Kos. I am financially secure and delight in researching new mechanisms for facilitating human potential, and sharing this information with others. I run workshops and seminars in a new method of rapid personal development, geared around placing particpants in a new paradigm and way of thinking. I am also the author of Public Speaking is Easier than you Think! and run a public-speaking workshop with a colleague.

I hold three university degrees, Science (chemistry) and twice in history. I am trained as a historian, holding an honours degree and PhD, in which I studied the machinations of 13th-C English politics, identifying in a Latin chronicle, n hitherto-little known figure, as the man most likely to have been the inspiration for the historical Robin Hood. I have a business background in organising corporate and historical tours and run a large youtube channel in Ancient Mysteries as a business/hobby. I am also an author with books and magazine articles to my credit. I wrote a book which became a '#1 Hot Seller' (fastest selling book) on Amazon in several categories. I have also built a vertically integrated online business, which I currenly run in addition to the Luck is a Habit workshops.

I am 'high energy' in my delivery and truly enjoy enthusing workshop audiences into stepping into a new energy, a new way of 'being' which can become a permanent plateau. We are always making incremental improvements regardless, but I have been amazed to witness truly rapid advancements in people, performed with simple non-NLP reprogramming, based around simply replacing old axioms with new ones... by imagining that you can.

I have years of experience in public speaking, and am a Toastmasters Competent Communicator.
This section has been about me, but right now, I am just so enthused, about the possibility of you being YOU being enthused! I want YOU to get some tangible, life-improving benefits, possibly out of what we have to offer! The free seminars as well as others!
Hey, check out my luck-related content on my youtube channel TheLucky, also!

Our educational servives for 'rapid improvement' are available at workshops and seminars, mainly in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you!

Self Help Books, by Dr Charles!

Public Speaking is Easier Than You Think!


Success is Easier Than You Think

The BEST Self-HELP book on SUCCESS EVER WRITTEN! By Dr Charles!

dr. charles r. kos

Charles Kos enjoys working hard, to increase his own luck. He has started several successful entrepreneurial businesses. He enjoys the creative process of trying out new ideas.

Workshop facilitator and author of 'Luck up your Life'

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